Why I Am A Master Degree

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I’ve been keen on dedicating myself in preventing and controlling neurological disorders, and a professional program in neurological diseases is my aim. This is sparked by my gut-wrenchingly understanding of what my father, a patient with essential tremor, has been through. He was admitted into Sichuan University to study mechanical engineering; however, his tremble hands impeded him from sketching or writing, stultified his previous endeavors and evaporated his dreams. My father’s suffering is not an isolated case: millions of patients are plagued by these diseases. The gigantic population is taciturn and vulnerable, and their health conditions last throughout their lifetime.
In hopes of improving their physical well-beings, I chose to pursue a master degree in preventive medicine. During my undergraduate study, I absorbed knowledge on basic medicine and clinical medicine, and received intensive professional training. Meanwhile, I actively took part in health researches, from assisting with the fieldwork to conducting an independent epidemiological study on air pollution and low birth weight. Through these research experiences, I learned how my professional knowledge could serve as an effective tool in investigating risk factors and providing feasible interventions with elevated compliance and decreased bias . It seems that my initial ambition is not a premature dream anymore after equipping myself with these methodological and analytical skills.
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