Why I Am A Nurse

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anesthetist in any hospital in California. In words this might seem easy but these are long steps that I must overcome in order to get to start my career. In life you cant achieve something great things without taking the measures of hard work and time nothing comes to you fast but you must work on it slowly and with hard work. I am willing to work hard and put in my time to become a nurse anesthetist. I live my life with many mottos but one motto I also will always have in mind the statement that Brooke have told us that nothing in life is from point a to point b.
The third statement that touched me was a statement from Diana, which was “when you finalize with your work there is always room for improvement”. How many times in our lives have we completed something and was satisfied with our work? In my life I have done many projects like from physics to chemistry projects which each I have received an A for the work I have done but it isn’t the grade that I am thinking of when I look at my project I only see the flaws of my projects and keep think of things to improve on and make it better. Anything in this world is up to have improvements in any way on example that we may have in the real world is again from the great company Apple. Apple always thrive to make their products to be faster and more efficient but even with the new model of IPhones, IPads and MacBook’s as the new product is introduced the producers of the new products get right back to work looking for
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