Why I Am A Nurse

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I will always remember one piece of advice a teacher taught me during my senior year of high school. She said: “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!” I have been incredibly fortunate to say I have not worked since I became a nurse. Become a nurse is much more than simply a calling. Nursing is a way of life; the compassion and care we give to our patients each and every single day is not something many people have the ability to do. To date, I have been one of the millions of compassionate and hardworking nurses around the world for over two years. I have reached a point in my nursing career where I am ready to advance further in the field of nursing. The excitement and potential to learn a new a new field in anesthesia and embrace the challenges in that field truly drives me. I have been preparing for a future as a Nurse Anesthetist since I got my first job. I have been blessed to have started my nursing career in two large Magnet teaching hospitals; all of which I’ve been working in the Intensive Care Unit. My experience in a Cardio/Thoracic ICU as well as Surgical ICU that includes a Cardiovascular/Thoracic ICU has helped mold me into the type of nurse that is prepared for the challenges in Anesthesia, as well as a CRNA program. My exposures to these two types of units have included multiple types of surgical procedures, high acuity patients, conscious sedation, rapid sequence intubations, and emergent situations. Working alongside

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