Why I Am A Physician Dr. Charles Katzenberg

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My shadowing experience overall has been quite knowledgeable, my physician Dr. Charles Katzenberg has demonstrated and expressed much wisdom to me about what it takes to become a cardiologist. He has demonstrated the ability to approach patents with deep concern and understanding to fully get a sense of what and how the patient is feeling. He has also demonstrated the expertise it takes to solve cardiovascular enigmas, whether it is within the realm of medicine or outside the realm of medicine. Furthermore, he incorporates preventative techniques used to reduce and prohibit these cardiovascular diseases from happening to others by suggesting a dietary plan and the promotion of aerobic exercises to minimize the risk of heart disease. For…show more content…
He stated that in order to ascertain heart conundrums it is essential to look at the spacing of the lines on the EKG. The thinner narrow lines on the EKG usually indicate regular heart beats, and in contrary, the thicker wider lines on the EKG generally indicate an irregular heart pulse or rhythm which is also known as arrhythmia. In addition, our second patient was suffering from shortness of breath and what she said she experienced was “fluttering” in her chest. In addition, psychological factors were in place as well, she mentioned expressing stressful feelings and anger to her husband based upon minor situational arrangements. In the past, our patient had also experienced a brain bleed also known as subdural hematoma. Dr. Katzenberg began to check her vitals, her pulse and lungs with his stethoscope and after he recommended that she takes a stress-echo test to study and get a read of her heart rate capacity. Next, our third patient is suffering from stage IV breast cancer, according to her pet/cat scan information it revealed that she had developed edema and possibly spasms of the esophagus. Due to this data, her oncologist has deduced that the cancer has metastasized (cancer-spreading) throughout her lungs resulting in her to pursue chemotherapy for 6 months to 2 years. During this transition, she has experienced much emotional distress as well as physical stress. She came in for a checkup because she was

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