Why I Am A Physician

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At the age of two, I was photographed with a stethoscope giving my interpretation of a cardiac exam to my uncle who was in medical school. As silly as it may sound, years later, I find myself attempting to be in the same position. I aspire to be a physician who improves the human condition and facilitates people to live many, healthy, happy years. Collectively, my life experiences have influenced me and helped me discover that my purpose is to heal people.
My journey to pursue medicine started in Lynn, Massachusetts. I was born into a family of Hellenic origin. Greek was my first language. I did not speak English until I was four. When I started school, I sometimes struggled to translate and communicate my thoughts to English. Practice, patience, and my love of reading helped me overcome this.
In addition to teaching me Greek, my parents instilled in me the virtue of philotimo. The word originates from two Greek roots, friend and honor. A philotimos attempts to act honorably and virtuously under all circumstances by loving, being kind, feeling pain for others, and by being humble and loyal, even when no one is watching. This virtue drives my aspiration to give back to the community and make a difference in people’s lives as I have by volunteering at the Yawkey Cancer Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital and tutoring in the Boston Public Schools System.
I was not fully aware of the importance of philotimo until my mother was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
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