Why I Am A Polaroid Camera Essay

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An interesting fact about me is that I own a polaroid camera. It is a white, compact, and sparingly used Christmas gift. The camera remains securely hidden under my bed with my other prized possessions. Since arriving to college, I have only unearthed it once. My work occupies so much of my time that I cannot indulge in frivolous things. However, that does not lessen the value of my polaroids. If anything, the value increases. I treasure every moment that I press the shutter button, causing the camera to whir to life and dispense a white square from the slit at the bottom. With a blink of the flash, the moment is captured and printed. Prior to coming to college, I considered the significant moments in my life like my polaroids: a small quantity of priceless memories. In retrospect, I wish I could have further appreciated all of the things that I have experienced and the things that I have accomplished. If I myself were a polaroid, I would be a mosaic comprised of every moment I have lived. Who I am is defined by my cultures, religion, lifestyle and wisdom passed down onto me. In social work, practitioners must be aware of their implicit prejudices, biases, and triggers. Additionally, they can utilize their experiences or knowledge about certain situations to better serve clients. While I live a more privileged—even mundane—life compared to others, I have seen the way injustices and unfortunate circumstances have impacted those around me. I draw my motivation to pursue
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