Why I Am A Psychologist Essay

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Heather Church started out wanting to be a psychologist. She loved learning how the brain works and how something as simple as bad weather could upset a person and alter their mentality. Fast forward a couple years and psychology took a back burner to a job in the thrilling music industry. As someone who frequently visited DC simply for concerts in the DMV area, she recounts her time fondly, “ I would literally be bouncing back and forth between Maryland and DC going to concerts and really immersing myself in the culture that was DC rave life.” As luck would have it, the same company that put on the concerts she went to , Club Glow was hiring. She got in contact with one of the owners through a friend and the rest was history. She became one of the few women in a predominantly male run company, and frankly a male dominated industry, taking on operations for one of the most well-known venues in America: Echostage. As she was establishing herself in the company, she also helped create a proposal to make raves safer and become inclusive events. Finally, she was one of the main supporters behind the creation of SoundCheck, Echostage’s smaller but no less mighty sister club. The music industry is such a fickle industry; it heavily relies on negotiation to function smoothly. Whether it being negotiating on what an artist will be making in a contract deal to how long their tour is going to be, everything is a give and take. As the head of operations and talent buying Heather
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