Why I Am A Public School

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When I first got out of the car I was petrified. Fear started to take over me in every inch of my body. I had entered public school with fear on one hand and anxiety on the other. There was no way out of this nightmare. Saying it was a nightmare would be an understatement. I was going into the tenth grade; to me, personally, it was like a whole other realm. I felt powerless. I didn’t know how it would be like, considering I have never attended a public school before. For about eight years I attended a private school, IFS, about thirty minutes away from home. It was like home to me, “our second home”, my friends and I would say. I always used to imagine what it would be like if I were to go to a public school but I never thought it would happen. It was a scary experience for me. Life is different in a public school. The atmosphere was very sheltered at my private school. The classes were very small. Everyone knew everyone, and everyone trusted one another.
On my first day I went to my second period class after I had missed my first on purpose because I refused to enter the class late. I couldn’t tolerate everyone’s eyes on me if I entered the room; especially coming to class 2 weeks after school had already started. Anyway, it was second period English class, and I had already introduced myself to my teacher beforehand. I caught her going up the stairs; “Are you Ms.Hanson? I’m a new student.”
“Welcome! Nice to have you with us” she said. At my old school I was always known…

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