Why I Am A Scientist

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“Live the life you’ve imagined”, wrote on cover page of my notebook gave by my mentor Dr. Xu. When I was six, I witnessed my aunt suffering from serious rheumatoid arthritis and nobody even know why it happened. I imagined one day I can be a scientist to find out the causes for all those brutal diseases and fight against them. This compass navigates my career path and leads me to where I am right now, a biology student in University of Kansas. My professional journey started at 2007, my freshman year in Wuhan University, a top ranked biology program in China. I and my teammates were catching turbellarian all over the campus trying to find out the secrets of tissue regeneration. After that, I initiated a project to isolate bacteria strains from soil to reduce phosphorus in water and prohibit blue algae caused by pesticide in river and lake, which got me funded by WU undergraduate research fund in 2008. These small adventures helped me to explore my capabilities and build confidence about doing research. However I also realized that to make a difference in human health, passion is one hand, knowledge is the other. To better prepare myself for a future in biology scientific research, I joined Dr. Guo’s lab in WU which focused on human skeletal development in 2009 and quickly found the question that I care about and willing to answer: how cancer happened? Specifically, I was interested in studying gene post-transcriptional regulation networks in cancer. I chose to study
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