Why I Am A Student Leadership Team?

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Why am I on a student leadership team? What compelled the leaders of my Youth Group to choose me to be on this team? How is this team enriching my life? What am I gaining? How is this team affecting others around me as well as the Youth Group? What, or whom, am I leading? These are all questions I ask myself when it comes down to The structure of USL. Recently, our team has went through changes. I 'd like to mention change was necessary. We weren 't doing anything. We were only meeting once a month, and sometimes not regularly, to talk about the well being of the Riot. The intentions of the Pastors was to keep us from being stagnant; to get us to DO something. Certain requirements were added in order for one to be on the team. We had to…show more content…
I read my Bible, I went to outreaches and served on my own time, I sometimes attended pre-service prayer, etc. The point of this essay revolves around this point: I am not on a leadership team to be given the responsibilities of a leader, and to instill leadership qualities in me. I was chosen for a leadership team because I took up certain responsibilities of a leader on my own, and my leadership qualities were outwardly revealed to the Pastors of the Youth Group. So then, why are mandatory "chores" being given to me instead of me being enabled to lead the Riot and to lead our Church? With this being said, I think that USL should shift focus from mandatory obligations to optional leadership positions. These would include a Worship team, preaching opportunities, platform ushering on Sunday 's, outreaches, VK or GAP leadership positions, etc. These are all areas we have the opportunity to lead and to serve others. We are already leaders, so let 's lead. USL should be set up to help potential leaders find their place to serve. As far as things like reading the Bible, pre-service prayer, taking notes, etc, these are things that should be encouraged but not made mandatory. Christianity is both a religion and a personal relationship with God. Therefore, it is up to us, personally, to use these tools to further our relationship with God, and help us mature in our Faith, according to
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