Why I Am A Successful Nurse

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Cardiac Care Nursing Specialty Nursing is a valuable profession in which nurses provide care for individuals, families, and community groups. In order to be a successful nurse, a person has to be able to combine people skills like communication, compassion, commitment, and trust with an adequate amount of science and new technology knowledge. On the other hand, nurses are highly responsible for educating their patients about different medication, diseases, treatments, and healthy lifestyle choices to help clients maintain and improve their health and well-being. Nursing consists of a wide range of specialties and practices among which every nurse can choose depends on her/his interest and skills. Personally, I am really interested in…show more content…
Most of coronary care units deliver a high level of very specialized cardiac care. Nurses are responsible to monitor and care for acutely ill patients or they may take charge of cardiac rehabilitation and help patients who are chronically ill to make lifestyle changes in order to prevent the worsening of their health condition. A variety of healthcare team member work together to provide continuous cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring and deliver expert care to all patients during the recovery stage either from a cardiac surgery, a heart failure, an angina, or any cardiac dysrhythmias. Coronary care nurses play a huge part in the unit. They are required to use their nursing skills, knowledge, and best judgment in interpreting patient’s rhythm and monitoring hemodynamics. On the other hand, like all nurses; cardiac care nurse follows the five nursing process “Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation” and the six rights of medication administration “right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, right route, and right documentation”. Also, they might assist doctors with different procedures and provide education and support to patients and family. All of the coronary
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