Why I Am A Surgeon

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When I was about 11 years old, I developed a cyst that attached to my spleen. I felt this cyst for about 4 days, and the whole time I was in a lot of pain and I could barely breathe and my abdomen had swelled up so much I looked like I could be having a baby. Then I went into the operating room, and a surgeon cut me open and chopped out the cyst. Recovery was painful, but I could have died if I hadn’t had the cyst removed. Ever since then, I’ve looked up to the entire surgical profession. Nobody is respected for the position they are born in. Respect is something that is earned by willing to put in work to achieve your goals. When someone asks me why I’m trying to be a surgeon, I don’t tell them I want to help people. I do want to help…show more content…
Many of the things that make the profession so appealing also contribute to the stress that leads to many physicians burning out. You’ll be working extremely long hours, ranging from at least 40 to potentially 100 a week as part of your training. Even before you’re a surgeon, you have to get your bachelor’s degree, then go to med school and study extremely hard to be at the top of your class so you can specialize afterwards. And then once you finally reach that point, you get to start spending every waking moment training for and practicing your specialty. You finally become a full blown surgeon, and then, depending on where you take a position, you will still have long hours and can be on call throughout the night. You’ll see things that might scar you and leave you with trauma, until eventually you get used to it. There’s potential for all this stress to come home with you, and if you have a family, to affect your home life negatively. Even with all the stress that comes with the job, the satisfaction is just too much of a reward to ignore. While I know that TV shows are hardly a true reflection of what actually happens, every time I see a surgeon operating in a show I imagine myself in their shoes, to give somebody another chance at life. In the moment that you realize that you have averted someone else’s death, to be there when they wake up and ask them how they’re feeling, knowing not too long ago they were facing the
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