Why I Am A Teacher Essay

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Dream Big I clearly remember the day my mother brought home a small wooden desk for me. I cherish that desk so much because not only did I use it to do my homework, but I also used to play "school". Even though I was very young, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. So the years went by and I was now a senior in high school and so close to achieving my goal of being a teacher. I knew attending college would be difficult, my parents, older sister, and I had no clue where to begin, or if it was even possible for me to attend. My parents saw my desire to go, but their inability to speak English and not knowing the process to take when entering college did not allow them to be much help. So I started researching and visiting my counselor. My counselor offered me information and guided me through each step of the way. I come from an enormous family, I have a total of 15 aunts and uncles and they have multiple children, and I am proud to say that I was the first one in my entire family to attend college. I would commute daily and had a part time job to help my parents pay my way to college, so it was very difficult and tiring. The reason I commuted was because as a Latino I am very family oriented, so I want to be close to my family and save. I also had a job, with my job I would help my parents pay for my books, gas, and my car payment. Even though semester after semester I was always at risk of not returning because of the cost of tuition, I was able to finish in exactly four
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