Why I Am A Teacher

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Philosophy Paper
The first reason I decided to become a teacher because I have always enjoyed interacting, inspiring and guiding young people. I remember as a kid I always used my little chalkboard and pretend to teach to my friends what I had learned in school. I am also very patient and love to learn new material and explain it to others. The second reason, my ESL teacher during my first high school year was a real inspiration to me; I admire her ability to guide students. The third reason, when I started working at an elementary school as a nurse assistant, whenever the nurse gave me lunch breaks I used to spend that time in the special education classroom helping the teacher with their students, she was an amazing and patient person that loved to teach and explained everything to their students. She is another of the major reason I pursued a Teaching career. I believe I have a lot of qualities; skills and talents that employees might be interested in. I consider myself loyal because I give dedication to the district success. I have a strong skill in communicating effectively; I get along with most people. I communicate in a versatile numbers of ways, for example, text, e-mail, telephone and even video.
It is important to me to establish an education philosophy because in every school a philosophy in education means an answer to a lot of questions, about how students should be thought and what methods they need to use. Teacher’s beliefs are tied to teaching behavior by…

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