Why I Am A Teacher

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Philosophy Paper The first reason I decided to become a teacher because I have always enjoyed interacting, inspiring and guiding young people. I remember as a kid I always used my little chalkboard and pretend to teach to my friends what I had learned in school. I am also very patient and love to learn new material and explain it to others. The second reason, my ESL teacher during my first high school year was a real inspiration to me; I admire her ability to guide students. The third reason, when I started working at an elementary school as a nurse assistant, whenever the nurse gave me lunch breaks I used to spend that time in the special education classroom helping the teacher with their students, she was an amazing and patient person…show more content…
For example for some of the teachers beliefs are rooted in a holistic perspective which their plan is to help all children to accomplish their full potential in every single fact of their lives. Also other teacher’s beliefs are rooted in essentials models. Children learn best by educational play. When fun activities are thought young children pay more attention and participate in class, I believe is the best way to teach. A good example could be teaching numbers and shapes, the teacher could work with colorful images with different designs and shape so a student can identify them. This will help the students to find learning less aversive. Pictures on the wall of the recent activity the students are doing could be really helpful to remember and understand what they are doing. It is also a very great way to show parents what and how their young children are thought. A very important thing is that students must develop the ability to speak in front of their classmates; they must learn how to ask questions, argue and share information. Every student is responsible for his or her own success. There are a lot of responsibilities for example, every student is responsible for attending to class every single day. Arriving in school on time. Bringing to class all necessary materials, paper, books, pen, pencil, etc. Completing all assignments in or out of class. Communicating any concerns she or he has to the teacher, what affects
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