Why I Am A Teacher

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No matter what kind of job a person is going to take, a basic question to answer is about why. Why I want to be a teacher? This is one thing about which I has to be very clear before I decide on anything else such as what type of teacher I desire, or which subject, or where I want to teach. There are several aspects that have motivated me to be a teacher. First, the significant position of education in China makes teacher a most honored and respected role that attracts me. Second, my interest in teaching has forced me to participate in a lot of tutoring, which, on the contrary, provided me chances to practice teaching still and build a solid foundation of teaching. Last, as a person with a high level of curiosity, I think teaching is the job suitable for me as it provides endless opportunities for self development. Since I decided on choosing teaching as my mid-career goal, I have started to think about what kind of teacher I am hoping to be. How should I treat my job and my students. What are the underlying values as a teacher. Morality or codes of ethics then came to my mind to be one perspective that I could not ignore. Because of my own experience that I was rejected to be even considered as a candidate for teacher when I graduated from University and interviewed for a middle school teacher job. I wish I will be a teacher primarily without bias. Being objective is not easy considering the teaching environment and background of students are various. It is

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