Why I Am A Teacher

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We are first taught to speak, because we need words to acquire the skill of writing, and then we are taught to write, because we need a way to express ourselves. There has to be a beginning, each and every distinct story has a beginning, but how can we find the beginning when we were incoherent of who we were? In the society that we grew up in writing is a must, in fact the better writers we are the further we will go in life, or that’s what everyone says right? So at a young age I remember that being drilled into my brain, if you don’t learn to write you won’t go into the next grade, if your handwriting is too bad you won’t get into the next grade, I remember those words being shoved down my throat every single solitary year of school. When I was starting kindergarten I could already write the basics because my parents thought this was a very important skill and made sure both my brother and I could both read and write well enough. I remember the nights where I would lay in my bed and my mom or dad would sit on the side of the bed and read me stories. I can still visualize myself looking over at the book shelf and just loving every single book on the shelf, the lights were just dim and they would read, I can still hear their voices and remember how their words would affect me. I can truly thank my parents for first developing me into both a reader and a writer at such a young age.
When I was trekking through elementary school I can remember multiple times when a teacher or…

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