Why I Am A Teacher

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Writing papers is definitely my weakest skill in school. At the beginning of high school, I had already acquired plenty of experience writing and had found my style of writing. High School has given me a chance to further explore different ways to write and allowed me to learn what I do and do not like writing about. This past semester of DE English has felt like the next step in my evolution as a writer.
During middle school I wrote in my english classes many times just like everyone else. However, I was in a program called “Focus” from fifth to eighth grade, which is for students that the teacher thought were gifted. Most of the focus assignments were papers. These papers were about many things including history, literature, and how we felt about things. The first paper my Focus teacher gave us in sixth grade defined how I would write up until now and will probably continue to define how I write. The prompt was something along the lines of define and give examples of what courage is. This paper had to be between one and two pages, although I found a way to write it in less. I waited until the day it was due and typed up a paper that read, “Courage is writing one sentence for this paper and turning it in.” I ended up getting a good grade on the paper. Wittiness and procrastination has been my writing style for the past seven years. I usually wait until the last minute and try to write about something that is as far from the topic as possible without getting points off of my
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