Why I Am A Teacher

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I remember sitting in grade school thinking, “Someday, I’d love to be doing what my teacher is doing now.” And amazingly, as I grew older, the age level at which I wanted to teach got bigger and bigger. However, as I approached the completion of my high school years, I realized that while teaching was a passion, it wasn’t a profession. It wasn’t the money necessarily (though that is daunting to a student going into education) but I realized that the business route was more appropriate, at least in the interim.
As I moved through my college years, I joined the largest student-led business organization in the world, Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (www.fbla-pbl.org). I was very actively involved in the organization on the national level, in fact, holding the offices of National Treasurer and National President (http://www.fbla-pbl.org/default.asp?mode=showyear&c=100&p=12&featureid=888&menu=104&selYear=2001-2002). During my tenure in this organization, I had wonderful opportunities to travel and meet other students but most of all, conduct workshops both in groups and individually to high school and college students. For the first time, this put me in a true “classroom” setting, though this did have some variations. However, it gave me a great chance to see if I could thrive in this environment or not. And guess what – I did.
As I progressed through my years in FBLA-PBL, I have had more recent…

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