Why I Am A Teacher

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I remember sitting in grade school thinking, “Someday, I’d love to be doing what my teacher is doing now.” And amazingly, as I grew older, the age level at which I wanted to teach got bigger and bigger. However, as I approached the completion of my high school years, I realized that while teaching was a passion, it wasn’t a profession. It wasn’t the money necessarily (though that is daunting to a student going into education) but I realized that the business route was more appropriate, at least in the interim. As I moved through my college years, I joined the largest student-led business organization in the world, Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda…show more content…
While some have totally flopped, others have been much more successful. I’ve learned as I’ve went along what works and what doesn’t. I have also come to the realization that I’m a very natural teacher and enjoy it as a hobby…and thus the mission statement. I don’t for a minute claim to know everything. In fact, there is a ton more about business, ethics, law, and even accounting that I need to learn yet. However, I know for a fact that a few of the things I know a lot about – others know absolutely nothing. And I also know that I can relate to people in such a way that they can understand what I show them. So in general, that’s where my personal mission statement is going to take me. Though I do not intend on getting out of the full-time business world, I do hope to spend at least part of my time outside of work in the classroom. I believe that business people can offer students much more than they realize and I intend on offering as much as possible to students. I hope that I can get to a point in my life where I have a fair amount of knowledge about a variety of topics. Obviously, I have a lot of opinions on things now but not a lot of data to technically back it up. I hope through my coursework, continuing education, and work experiences, I am able to gain some knowledge and insight to pass on to my students. It is my opinion that personal experiences
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