Why I Am A Teacher

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The people in my life I have always looked up to the most have been my teachers. When I was a child, they seemed all-powerful, the givers of the knowledge I didn’t even know I sought. Now, as a teenager, I still hold the opinion that educating the next generation is one of the noblest tasks a person can devote themselves to. Like many children, I went through many “dream career” phases: astronaut first, inspired by the “Magic School Bus” books, then veterinarian, a seemingly natural fit with my love of animals. (That dream ended quickly when I discovered I fainted when my own blood was taken and couldn’t bear to see animals in pain.) However, at a relatively young age, I abandoned those lofty goals for one that genuinely seemed to fit me. I wanted to pursue teaching, specifically English. These days when my relatives ask me about college, I’m ready with an answer and many reasons to back me up. I want to be a teacher because of the influences of those in my own life, a desire to be a leader of others, and my passion for language arts. In third grade I tested into the “Gifted and Talented” English class, meaning while the other kids in my class learned from our homeroom teacher, I got to head down the hallway to Mr. Beam’s classroom with eight or nine other kids. Mr. Beam was an experienced teacher, a towering man of 6’1 with a grey mustache and a warm smile. He was my first constructive critic, as shown in an instance where I gave him a rushed, sloppy assignment on Native

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