Why I Am A Teacher

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From the time I was a seven years old till the current day, as a Sophomore at Benedictine University, I have wanted to become a teacher. The four years of high school, Oswego High School, I truly become passionate to become a teacher. I took the necessary general education classes, and my elective classes learning about child development and early childhood education. Once I graduated high school, I felt confident to become a teacher, but I discovered that special education was what I truly wanted to do. From the first day or first grade up to now, I have become a success student, which I can’t wait to become teacher I want to be an aspirational teacher one day to my future students. Overall the course of my life, I have formed my…show more content…
The school district I received the majority of my special education services School District 308, states, “The term "special education" means specially designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability” (2016). My disability is what makes me unique and has happened in with my own philosophy of education. I am intrinsically and extrinsically motivated in school to be the best IEP student with the highest grade, high GPA, and try to be exempt from the Special Education Department. Not only do I feel and act this way in the classroom, I was feel and act this way with personal relationships and work. In the scheme of things, I have been influenced by intrinsic goals and reward by others. Just by these simple characteristic traits, this helps me forms my philosophical beliefs of education and how students learn. My goal to become a great special education teacher is to become knowledge of students learn. Through my experience, I learn best of combination of teacher and student centered. In class, we were given Educational Philosophies A Self-Assessment to find out what our educational philosophies are; mine highest education philosophies are: Informational Processing, Behaviorism, and Humanism. When I first discovered what my top three educational philosophies were, I got the same exact score of twenty-one on all three. The other educational
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