Why I Am A Veterinarian

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I’ve always wanted to become a veterinarian, but I have never taken the time to look deep into what I need to do to achieve my dream job. The most important things to know are the educational requirements, duties, work environment, salary, the educational requirements on a collegiate level, and the demand for that specific job. So after researching this will I still be interested in a career in veterinarian medicine? One of the things I learned about veterinarians is the educational requirements to achieve your goal. To become a veterinarian you have to complete a doctor of veterinary medicine degree at an accredited college of veterinary medicine. This career also requires a great amount of knowledge in science so most colleges require several science classes to be taken. Some of these classes may include: biology, animal science, zoology, microbiology, physiology, anatomy, and chemistry. “Admission to college is very competitive and fewer than half of all applicants were accepted in 2012 other requirements to graduate is classroom time, laboratory time, and clinics. Also it said in that students typically spend the first year of the four year program doing clinical rotations in a veterinary medical center or hospital” ( “Veterinarians”) . A second aspect of a career in veterinary medicine is the duties that go along with it. Veterinarians have several different duties and many of them differ depending on what the veterinarian specializes in. Some duties are that they

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