Why I Am A Volunteer Program

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Dovercourt School is a bilingual school which provides English and Chinese program. The school philosophy is to believe that the students need to be engaged to be deeply successful in their learning. They believe that the students will be successful by persisting studying, overcoming obstacles, and delighting in accomplishing their work.
I began to be a volunteer to read mandarin stories to students in mandarin grades three and four in Dovercourt School in Oct 14 and Oct 16. On the one hand, I believe that volunteering activity can create my credibility, build self-confidence, develop self-awareness, and share the vision. On the other hand, the motivation behind volunteer activity will benefit for those students who need help improve their mandarin knowledge. I
How was this activity chosen?
When I picked the volunteer project, I have been the volunteer in my son’s school for several years. I like to be a volunteer to participate the activity with kids since they are so creative and lovely. Furthermore, the most important point is that I would like to observe my son’s development closely.
First, I contacted my son’s Chinese teacher Ms. Lennon, who is very strict and responsible, and tell her my requirement. She was very supported my decision and let me to read stories to her students. Therefore, I became a volunteer to read mandarin stories this week for my son and his classmates.
On this Monday, she emailed me to ask me whether I can come and
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