Why I Am A Writer

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After I graduated from college three years ago, I wanted to quickly break into the writing world. I knew I had a writer 's mind and a writer 's blood, yet I didn 't acknowledge the true commitment it took to become a good writer. I experienced many months of harsh rejection after submitting my stories to various literary magazines and began to realize what it takes: constant hard work, constant revising, a thick skin and, mostly, never giving up. It’s then that I finally started focusing on something other than becoming published and decided to slow down, examine the work I was doing, why I was doing it and what needed to change. The first aspect I realized that needed changing was the static literature I was consuming. I started to open my mind and my bookshelf to works I never would have considered before. Among these were writing instruction books that I formally swore did little for aspiring writers. After reading the works of Dorothea Brande, Annie Dillard and Anne Lamott, I realized how wrong I was. These writers helped me face my flaws and they showed me that the struggles I grappled with are common for many writers. Mostly, they offered helpful practices, writing exercises and reflection methods that I still use. From then on, I allowed myself to do many things. I began to throw out the first drafts I was forcing into final copies. The biggest change I made, and the most helpful, was the increased time I gave myself to write each

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