Why I Am Addicted With How You Should Write It?

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There is no limiting in how you should write it, what you can write it or when you should write it. Writing is freedom. It could be about the beauty, the nature, your passion, your past love, or anything. Writing has no barriers, it is limitless. When you try to write, you are paralyzed. That is because you are in your own thought, your own world. As you begin that thought process you are out of this planet. You will see stars, galaxies, dust clouds, shining lights everywhere.. even a dangerous space-time black hole. Everything is on the tip of your hands. You suddenly become a controller of the universe. That is the art of writing. It is truly addicted if you would try it. And when you have tried it, there is no turning back. You are stuck in that maze, looping around and around. That is why I write. Because I am addicted with it, love with it. I would like to present my writings with this portfolio. With this portfolio, my intention is to provide my love of the nature, my will, my love, and the environment which I lived in. So I included two of my essay writings, and three of my journal writings as an example of my writing. The first essay that I chose in portfolio is “My love, My will, My desire”; which I talked about my love, my desire and my passion. I chose this because I was so light-hearted after I wrote this journal. I felt like I was reborn. Honestly, I have never admitted anything about me to anybody. Not even to my parents. In the past, I never thought about

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