Why I Am An Accountant Essay

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Was there a particular program you found more interesting than the others? ANSWER: I personally enjoyed working with excel the most. I like working with numbers, so excel allows me to nerd-out and create all kinds of cool worksheets that I will hopefully find some purpose for in the future. Solving and calculating problems/formulas has always been a hobby of mine, which is why I hope to become an accountant in the future. I know from talking to successful accountants that excel is one of the most helpful tools in the industry. How might you use these programs? ANSWER: I could spend all day writing down the many uses for each one of these programs, but I don’t think anyone would want to read that long of a post. So, I am going to name one thing, for each program, that I hope to use them for in the future. All of the answers I am going to give are within the assumption that I have succeeded in becoming an accountant. I could use Microsoft Word to create templates and business letters as I know that communication is key when being an accountant. Mistakes are so often made because of a lack of communication and being an accountant is not a job that allows many mistakes. I could use Microsoft Excel as my financial accounting software. Excel would be my most frequently used program out of all of them. I could use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations for meetings, lectures, business propositions, etcetera. Presenting the information correctly is sometimes overlooked as

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