Why I Am An Astronaut

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COTON Cynthia They say that it takes time to realize what one’s purpose in life is; you have to go through many and different experiences and be put in different situations to build your idea of the perfect road you want to walk on. In my mid teen years, I felt lost, as everyone is at that age. One second I wanted to be an astronaut, to work at NASA and discover the outer space. Other times, I felt like heading towards a career in sound engineering or even anything related to DJ-ing, producing and so on.. I guess those multiple choices reflect any teen’s identity crisis. But as I grew older, and as my identity started to clear up, and as I was introduced to an older entourage, I knew then that there was more to life than my space dreams and love of sounds and music, that could lead to an actual suitable long-term career. Honestly, I’ve always been somehow inspired by my mom’s cousin, Christelle, whom she’s actually raised herself. Christelle studied economics, at the Saint Joseph University, then continued her journey at HEC, before starting her career at Merrill Lynch in New York. Having such a successful example to look up to, made me consider that road for myself. And so, my passion for the world of economics began. My whole focus was on finding the best college for me, to provide me with all the materials needed for a successful economic career. After many thinking and researching, I found that Saint Joseph University is the most appropriate choice, as I’ve witnessed…

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