Why I Am An Athlete

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After completing the Clifton strengthfinders test, I learned my dominant strengths and it gave me a sense on what areas I am strong in. It allows you to work in the areas that you are good in and not in the ones you might not be as strong in. My top five strengths were learner, connectedness, belief, positivity, and includer. A lot of these I figured I would have because I am an athlete and I love to be positive. That is good because I practice these strengths every day which in turn will make me better at them and will allow me to use them in my career. Learner is by far one of the best strengths you can have. I am glad because it showed up as being my number one strength. In today’s society you will get no were without learning because in order to be successful you have to learn in order to come out on top. Learner enjoys time to mull over ideas, read, and examine topics in detail. A learner is interested in how some pieces or parts operate and are curious about each of the steps as much as the solution. A Learner wants to continuously improve and is excited by the process of learning. I am glad learner is my number one strength because to me it is the most important strength. My second strength is connectedness. I found it very interesting that I would be cited as having Connectedness as a strength. Being connected means that you have great stamina and you are always working hard to complete your goals. Connected persons also like to be very productive and busy. This
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