Why I Am An Educator

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For the future educator, student teaching is the culmination of the past four or more years of life, all compressed down into two eight-week sections that are meant to give you a starting pace for when you get out into the real world of education. I am happy to say that despite how short these past sixteen weeks have felt as I have journeyed through them, I feel like I have learned more about myself and how to be an educator than I did during all my time in classes at the university. I am well aware that the foundation created at Iowa State is why that I feel like I was able to grow so much because without that foundation I would be wandering aimlessly without any guiding force. One major guiding force for me throughout my time at Iowa…show more content…
I would be the last person to say that I actively thought about the teaching standards when I was trying to put my lessons together, but after reviewing multiple pieces of work that I have made, observed, and collected for my e-portfolio, it has become very clear that the standards are inherent to good teaching. A perfect lesson, despite being a theoretical notion in my opinion, would be able to effectively apply all of the standards over the course of a single class period and leave the students engaged and inspired to learn even more during the next class period. While life will never be perfect, we should strive as educators to try to incorporate as many of these standards into our teaching in everything from a private lesson to a large ensemble rehearsal. The most effective way I found to see the standards in action was in an evaluation of my teaching that I have included in my e-portfolio. As I approached this artifact, I knew that it was going to cover a great deal of the standards that ISU is looking for, but I didn’t realize the scope of it until I went back and watched it a few times. The obvious ones are those involved with Instructional Planning, Instructional Strategies, Methods of Teaching, Student Learning, and Content Matter Specialization. In order to even get to the point where you are standing on a podium teaching music, you have to be able to use all of these skills in tandem to create a lesson. I recall many times sitting in my cooperating
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