Why I Am An Educator

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When I entered Educational Foundations class on the very first day, I had no idea what

the class would be about. I entered with my mind being a blank canvas, and whatever

information I was to receive would paint that canvas. I honestly never gave much thought to

how school administrators and teachers managed their students. Educational foundation

meant educational foundation to me, nothing more nothing less. I have never asked myself

questions regarding the quality of education, but knew I wanted to become an educator.

After spending a great deal of time in class, it opened my eyes toward many things

that go on within the education system. On the very first day, valuable information was

presented on Educational Philosophies in United States: Essentialism, Perennialism,

Pragmatism/Progressivism, and Social Reconstructionism. Even though I never knew or

taught about being raised with the Essentialist philosophy of education, I learned that I

preferred the pragmatist approach. I learned I myself have my own set of beliefs that plays a

role in the education system. I believe in every child (adult) receiving education regardless of

their race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, ableness, size, and age. A teacher must be

able to teach all students without any discrimination. As an educator, we must not concentrate

on the things we do not like in a person, and concentrate more on helping each individual to

succeed. I believe…

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