Why I Am An Effective Team Manager

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Reflection Any narrative of growth or progress must outline the starting point, the “baseline”. My narrative starts with a brief explanation of my history and management preferences. I enjoy managing projects to repair broken processes. I have managed multiple office reclamation projects during the course of my career in insurance claims management. I know that I am an effective team manager, but I thrive when placed in a functional (or not) environment that needs repair. Once each of those offices was recovered and corrected, I was ready for the next challenge. I currently work at Liberty Mutual Insurance as Project Leader for Special Projects. I function as a project facilitator and subject matter expert with respect to auto…show more content…
In reviewing all of this material for the class, I am struck by how much of it (without the MS Project software, of course) that I actually already utilize in my job without knowing all of the nomenclature. While I work as a subject matter expert in an IT office and do participate in multiple projects, I have only recently been labelled “Project Manager” per se for any of them. (My job scope and title recently changed from “Assistant Director” to “Project Leader” during this course.) Yet, I have functioned just like a project manager for several of them even before the title change occurred, and I am currently leading one now. So, I have been able to implement some of the ideas and principles learned during this class on the fly at work…no waiting! I could not imagine having taken this course right out of a bachelor’s degree program without any real-world experience. That would have made this entire semester infinitely harder. This course has absolutely helped me to move to the next level in my own development. Lessons Learned On the face of it, I have learned the basic nomenclature and strategies that accompany the work in the course. I now understand “critical paths” and resource allocation, etc. But, that is only the tip of the iceberg for my growth in this space. I also learned from the course examples and discussions. My classmates are an invaluable resource. The breadth of
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