Why I Am An Engineer

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Engineering is a field of boundless possibilities that makes everything that we do possible. Ranging from bridges field with civil engineering and medical field with biomechanical engineering to the oil industry with petroleum engineering, engineering is a vast field of opportunities.
The buildings we work at, the cars we drive, the technology we use have all been made possible by the work of engineers. That is the main reason why I desire to be an engineer. I want to work in a field that I will be able to make a difference and have a job that am proud of and still enjoy.
The first engineering class that I attended was quite surprising. My perception of engineering had always been of technical equations and solving complex issues. This class on the other hand introduced me to the work of Raymond B. Landis who wrote the book studying engineering. The book was a revelation to me as it articulated what aclass engineering student is a student who has mastered the tools of success, is confident and determined.
After reading the book I realized that if I was going to be a successful engineer I had to adopt a new way in which I will use in the process of acquiring my degree in engineering. There are techniques and steps that are used by world class engineer in the process of acquiring a degree in engineering.
The main focus of this paper is to articulate how I will proceed in my endeavor to become a world class engineering student and graduate with a degree in engineering.

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