Why I Am At Night

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One evening earlier this year, I needed to print a few pages for an assignment, but my computer printer was malfunctioning in my dorm room. I couldn 't believe this was happening to me. I just had a long stressful day and now this. My roommate noticed that I was frustrated and was fussing with the printer. He asked me what’s wrong and I explained the situation. He suggested that I went upstairs to use the printers on the 9th floor computer lab in South Quad. I have never been up there before so I decided to go give it a try. It happened to be 11pm at night and I thought there was going to be no one up there this late, but I was wrong. Surprisingly, there were actually a lot of people in there for being late at night. What could they be possibly doing at this time of night? Most of the students were doing some sort of homework, whether it was engineering coding or writing a paper. The remaining students were streaming some sort of show on an online television provider, most likely watching Netflix. I thought to myself, are there always people up here? Why wouldn 't they be doing this work on a private computer, such as a laptop, where no one can see what I’m doing? I grabbed my papers that I had printed then precede back down to my dorm room.

The following morning after my 10am lecture in Angel Hall, I noticed that the larger cyber station called the ‘Fishbowl’ was filled with students on the computers. Almost all of the computer stations were filled with students who
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