Why I Am I Here

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Why am I here? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself since I’ve been here. I’m spending almost thirty grand on four classes, a dorm, a meal plan, and etc. Sometimes I question myself whether thirty grand is worth my time but I’m here to get an education from a good university. Though it’s still a lot of money that I don’t have. Though I am here undecided, I am looking to choose a vocational or a degree career will help me become succesful in the future.

Gary Gutting Wrote, “What is College For?” Gutting explains that college is for students who want to gain knowledge for the rest of their life, that it’s not the teacher’s job just to teach but the student’s to engage and make it interesting, and then they become interesting as well. Too most students they may have answered this question differently, some would have said they wanted to live better, make friends, and others might say that his or her family’s been planning college since they were tiny. My parents have tried to finish college, but were never able to finish it, but I’m not here because they want me to go. My family has lived paycheck to paycheck with four children, five cats and three dogs. There’s my answer I am here because I want to have four children, five cats and 3 dogs and not live paycheck to paycheck. I want to be able to financially secured future. Not having to worry about the fact that I have to buy food over paying overdue rent or asking my parent’s for money that they don’t have. Gutting
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