Why I Am I? Essay

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Introduction Who am I? Personally, I think this is an important question to ask myself to feel the gratitude of what I have gained in my life, thus far. Everybody starts somewhere, regardless the differences of nationality, race, belief, and language. These differences are what make each one of us unique. One of the popular Chinese idioms I learned in elementary school is “yǐn shuǐ sī yuán”; basically, it means that we must not forget where the source or origin of the water but always appreciate it. In other words, the idiom reminds us to remember our roots – where we come from. Apparently, we are all wearing different lenses when viewing certain topic or issue. Part of the doctoral journey is helping us to learn how to critique other scholarly work and as well as shaping and enhancing our scholarly work in return. Journey Begins As a first-year doctoral student at Kent State University, indeed, I am still in the process of exploring myself to the surroundings, whether is inside or outside of the classroom. CI 80089 – Residency I class is like most first-year doctoral seminar or colloquium. Essentially, the class tends to help the students to get acquainted and learn to fully utilize the available resources to succeed in the doctoral journey. On the other hand, I must say that this is probably the most diverse class I took from all the classes I took previously from other institutions in the United States. Indeed, diversity somewhat makes quite a difference regarding

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