Why I Am Interested About Psychology And Become A Clinical Psychologist Essay

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1. Applicants must be currently enrolled students at RMIT
I am currently a full-time student enrolled at RMIT University studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology). I am going on to my third year of this program in 2017 and once I graduate, I hope to go on to study an honours year at RMIT university.
2. Demonstrated genuine interest in student wellbeing and ability to foster friendly, inclusive student dialogue
I am extremely patient about not just the wellbeing of students, but the wellbeing of everyone and those who are close to me. This is the reason why I am studying psychology and want to become a clinical psychologist! I do care about other student’s wellbeing as I completely understand how stressful and daunting it is to be at university. I struggled to adapt to university life in my first year of university, it was uncomfortable, stressful, daunting and I was always anxious. I want to be able to help people adapt to university life, help them understand how to go about doing assessments and enable them to feel confident in themselves to be able to do the rest of their degree successful.
At the start of this year I put my name down to volunteer for RUSU in the welfare drop in service. I was successfully accepted however was unable to make the training session and was put on the list for next year, which I am very excited about!
I’m quite friendly and a people’s person, everyone that meets me usually tells me how easy I am to get along with. I can quite
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