Why I Am My Top Strengths And My Greatest Weakness

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In the U.S., 48% of children are living in poverty” (Gambrell, Part 1, 2014). Poverty places children at a higher risk for a number of problems, including those associated with brain development and social and emotional development” (Part 1). Evidence-Based Best Practices are crucial for successful literary development in our society. These practices transcend through all socioeconomic statues and different demographics, they remove the disadvantages some may face and create an environment that promotes equity and equality. The Evidence-Based Practices presented, thoroughly represent the elements that are necessary for literary success. Ten Evidence-Based Practices were discussed in our book. For the sake of this short evaluation, I will only be discussing the practices that I believe to be my top strengths and my greatest weakness. However, I do believe that all elements listed are incredibly important. The list, in my opinion, was complete and impressive. I agreed with all statements and felt no need to add any additional practices.
In order for a classroom to flourish, most or all of the practices discussed must be present. Number one, I find to be of greatest importance. “Create a classroom culture that nurtures literacy motivation by integrating choice, collaboration, and relevance into literacy tasks” (Gambrell, Part 1, 2014). It is empowering to be given a choice. It is important to give students the opportunity to review material that encourages them to engage in…

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