Why I Am My Writing

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While I believed my writing to be concise, yet thorough in the beginning of the semester, it became clear to me that that was not the case. When entering EN3414, I had no knowledge of critical theories or how to use secondary sources to enhance my argument instead of carry it. I believed my heavy sentence phrasing to be an asset instead of a way to bury my argument beneath long thoughts. In EN3414, I was able to focus on taking my papers straight to my argument, to avoid useless sources or let them lead the paper instead of letting my argument carry the essay. And because I have learned to revise and rewrite my papers as many times as possible before they are due, I can no acknowledge the parts of my essay that are too heavy or that need to be expanded upon. As I finish this course I feel my writing is clear and concise, stating an idea and following that argument throughout the paper. Before taking Critical Writing and Research Literary Studies, my writing, while rather average, was enough to enable success in composition and survey courses; however, it was not advanced enough for this class. The writings for composition or survey classes were organized, but lacked a depth or clear argument. While the topics would be clear and covered, there would be little to no in-depth analysis and more of a skimming above the surface. Even in longer papers, the depth of my argument was never really deep enough, and while it was enough for the beginning courses, it clearly became a

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