Why I Am Quiet Analysis

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The reason why I am quiet

Most people would say I am quite, antisocial, and a little weird. I don't fully disagree with this, however, I do see it as an ill-informed assessment of me as a person. I am more of a thinker and not the primer set. I feel that more time I spend thinking, that there will be a bigger payoff in the end. It just seems like I do not want to socialize. And results in long awkward silences with me having a completely serious face. Which I must admit seems a little weird.

Ok, I know I didn't exactly start with what I am interested in, but it felt more proper to introduce myself and my personality first, then explain what I'm interested in, I hoping it will explain itself as the subjects of interest come up. Anyway, what I find myself thinking about most of the time are on the subjects of engineering and psychology. I feel as though these are subjects worth thinking/talking about. Sure I’m
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I spend hours sometimes thinking about “what can be made next?”. Or what has already been made. I like to come up with my own ideas and jot them down for later. Then I think innovations that can help many people and how it can be accomplished. I talk with my friends about this and we go on and on about the latter.

When it comes to psychology I discuss it to figure out other people. However, I often try to find out why I do things. I realize a lot of people can be categorized as having a certain mental disability, I’m not really worried about that. I’m more interested in the cause of that disability. As to why a person became the way they did. Their experiences, their feelings, their goals, and their connections that make the people I look at.

Well, now you know what I am interested in. You also know why I am quiet. Most of the time I’ll probably be thinking. But converse with me about those things I enjoy talking about you can get me to talk. We can think about it
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