Why I Am The Minotaur Essay

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My writing background was terrible before I came to this class, I could not write anything, without it making little to no since, even though I would know what I wrote, to someone else it would look like gibberish. I never really toke any type of writing class in high school, I did have English class, but we never did an essay, all I remember doing in those classes was just either reading or writing down definitions. How did I feel about writing before taking this class? I never had the courage to write anything down, let it be a comment on a video or talk to someone online, and I feared the idea of having to write out a report to my boss, I was afraid to write anything online or report anything. The essay that I loved to reflect on would be the Minotaur essay. The techniques I used to generate ideas, I would take the time out to relax myself and mind, read and reread what I was to wright about so I could digest It, I would lesion to relaxing music, to help me think more clearly about the subject, so I would not be thinking about what I was doing last class or worrying about something else that’s due the next day in another class, This helped me out greatly, and mead it easier for me to write. I had one light-bulb moment, when I was writing The Minotaur essay, I wrote about how he could never regain his humanity back. I wrote about how being left alone for so long, being surrounded by darkness, being treated as a best, would make you lose your humanity. My light-bulb…

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