Why I Am Today About Playing Professional Football, Where Do I Begin?

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In retrospect to where I am today it its safe to say that I faced several unforeseen obstacles in order to achieve my greatest goal in life – that of playing professional football, where do I begin? In order to understand who I am today let us begin by understanding where I came from, a few things I have been through that made this strong individual today. I was raised in Toronto where everything is beautiful and nice but within that beauty there was darkness, pain and neglect. I was raised in the rough parts of Toronto but even though times was rough and hard I had a family to come home to. When I got older about sixteen of age I then began to understand the selfish cold place around me, it was full of hatred and pain. I tried to look through the rough side of things and make things a better place in my mind, listen to music and look deep within my environment and see the beauty in this place. When I was with my friends we decided to go to a party to hang out with our local friends, have a good time and catch up. When the party was done I wouldn’t expect my whole life to change. I always dreamt my close friends and I would some day get away from this negative place and be free to give back to our community. All of this was about to change in a flash of an eye. When we arrive by our apartment building complex; a car pulls up and three men come out yelling at another group of men in the park than before I know it the sound of gunshots filled the air. In fear for my life

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