Why I Am Watching Tv

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Sixteen Years, Sixteen Days, and the Rest of my Life On August 12, 2014 I was watching TV in the morning before heading over to my grandparents’ house for breakfast. The news was on with a headline at the bottom of the screen which began with the word “Ebola”, but I could see was “bola.” Every once in a while, a flash of the “E” would enter my vision, but it did not stay in there for more than a second. Wondering what was going on I looked around the room, but nothing looked out of place, the only problem with my vision was when I looked at the TV. After a short amount of time this strange obstruction to my vision went away and as soon as my father and brother we went over to my grandparents’ house. Every Tuesday, we would have…show more content…
Our job for the day was to prune Fire Blight from some of the Ginger Gold apple trees. Just as I walked up to the first tree, the pain in my head became unbearable. I told my father that it felt like I was standing on top of my head. One option was to go to the Emergency Room, but I opted to go to my regular doctor instead so my father made an appointment for me at ten o’clock. When my father called, he was instructed to give me some medicine to relieve my headache and to have me drink some water. After taking some medicine and drinking some water, I went over to my grandmother’s office so she could keep an eye on my symptoms. Usually rest helps to relieve my headaches so I laid my head down to rest, but doing so only made the pain worse. My father stopped in the office to check on me before going back out to work when I told him that I could not wait until ten o’clock. We went to the ER, but before we left I began to feel nauseous. Once we arrived at the ER we signed in and we were brought to a room where I was given some medicine to relieve my nausea. A nurse came in who asked questions about how I was feeling or what symptoms I had had and came to the conclusion that I had a migraine with aura, but just to be safe she decided to do a CT scan. After the CT scan the nurse came back in to tell us that I had a cyst in my brain, but that that was normal for children about my age. The nurse
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