Why I Am Working At A Medical Facility

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My name is Michelle Gonzalez and I am a student at Park University. I am currently working towards my BS in Health Care Management. I recognize that when working at a medical facility, I will have to deal with and have to find answers to help the patient’s best interests, while still respecting their religious beliefs. Also, I will have to keep a balance between medical and religion and my own beliefs. There are certain medical procedures that are not allowed depending on religious beliefs. I would like to be able to understand why if someone has the change to live or have an opportunity to help others; it would not be possible because of their religious beliefs. I will be exploring Jehovah’s Witness and Muslims beliefs and views on…show more content…
Anyone eating it will be cut off.” Jehovah’s Witness believe God views blood to be a characteristic of life and will elude taking blood not only to show submission to their God but also out of admiration for him being the Giver of life. Jehovah 's Witnesses are allowed nearly any medical treatment, but under no situation should a blood transfusion be done. The Watchtower states God 's said that blood should never be stored. Abstaining from blood is what measures the Jehovah’s Witness to be the true chosen ones. Jehovah 's Witnesses are only allowed to use blood fractions. These all are coming from stored blood. Which in my opinion is a contradicting all of their sacred text they live by, and when choosing no blood transfusion result in loss of life. The beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses are that they are not entirely forbidden the use of blood, they can you use blood fractions, such as clotting factors, immune globulin, interferon, and serum made with a blood fraction. Witnesses are encouraged to make a thoughtful individual decision concerning whether or not to accept these blood factors.

Another medical procedure that Jehovah’s Witnesses in certain situation do not allow is IVF (In-vitro Fertilization).Although IVF is considered a personal matter. IVF is acceptable only If the husband 's sperm is used to fertilize his wife 's eggs in that case there is no issue; however if someone else’s sperm or eggs need to
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