Why I Am Writing An E Mail

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Clarity Writing with clarity means having the ability to delivery tour message in a clear cut, straight to the point manner. For managers, staff and admin assistants and myself, writing is an important part of their job, and can’t be avoided. When I am writing an e-mail, formal memo, report, or review, I must write it so that it is clear and engaging. When I or my coworkers are pressed for time, sorting through a long-winded document trying to figure out the writer’s points is not ideal. Lack of clarity in business communication causes misinformation, mistakes, unhappy customers, frustrated employees, and information lags that make companies look bad and affect profits. For instance, if a lawyer writing for a lay audience, the lawyer should minimize legal jargon, define essential legal terms, and explain concepts so that a non-specialist can understand them. If you are writing a business plan for potential investors, you should show respect for your readers’ time and informational needs by being concise and specific. Example: Biz1 will be operating from a xxx sq. ft. unit near xxx Town. It will have annualized sales of $xxx and be profitable. It will employ xxx people mainly engaged in R and D, marketing, support, and admin. Biz1 will offer xxx core products and provide added-value services to a large customer base throughout the xxx market segments and in xxx countries overseas. Biz1 's offerings will be technically advanced and offer many clear-cut advantages and

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