Why I Am Writing An Essay

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Essays are important because they let people revel their personalities. Many individuals have a problem with writing due to writers blockage. Why is this? Starting an essay can be the most challenging part. Often times students over think the topic and draw a blank. Instead they should think of ideas and start jotting down the ideas. There will be time in later drafts to correct mistakes and improve the written material. When I am writing an essay I concentrate primarily on timing, ideas, and editing. Before I begin the process of writing I choose a time that I can relax without interruptions. I enjoy being alone when I am writing because I can concentrate; where as, if I try to write with my son awake I am constantly stopping what I am doing to help him. By stopping in the middle of the thinking process I loose my train of thought. I have a hectic schedule at this point and time. With that being said I have designated three times throughout the day that I can sit, think, and write. After I get my son on the school bus I prefer to start gathering the ideas I will use for my essay. I use this time since I do not have that much time in the mornings due to everyday errands. Another way I make time for writing is in between my college classes. It is a good way to pass time while waiting for my next class to begin. Finally my favorite time to write is at night when everyone in my household is asleep. At night the house is very quiet. I feel as though it is just me and the

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