Why I Be Socially Compatible With Other Members Of A Group

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Introduction Fitting in with society is a very important thing today. To fit in and be accepted by their friends and the public, many teenagers change numerous different aspects of their personality to fit in with others so that they will feel that they belong with everyone else. I personally believe that everyone should be themselves and not change their personality to fit in with others. By finding out the reasons why people want to fit in and how they feel about fitting in, I hope to change people’s mindsets about fitting in and their self-identities, and that they will realize that it is okay to be themselves and not change anything about themselves. Definitions and Understanding What is the true meaning of fitting in? The term “fitting in” means “to be socially compatible with other members of a group”, as quoted from the Oxford Dictionary. To be “socially compatible”, one must be harmonious, well-suited and exist without conflict in an organization or particular group of society. Why do teenagers want to fit in? Humans have a natural need to fit in. For teenagers, fitting in is even more important than it was when they were little kids and more than it will ever be when they grow up to become working adults with careers and children. In the world of high school, the social food chain is a vicious occurrence. To a lot of people, not fitting in means that you are not liked, that you are uncool and that you don’t belong. Nobody wants to feel like they don’t belong,

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