Why I Believe For Teaching Curriculum

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Each school have a variety of subjects and each subject needs a curriculum to teach students and help them to understand their subjects. Curriculum has a variety of elements. In fact, some of them are more important than others, such as content and assessment. In this paper I am going to give reasons of why I believe they are important. The first category of curriculum has to do with content. It is between teachers and students. Obviously, It is important part of curriculum because it is like the food for students. It is obligatory for teachers to notice if they are qualify with the suitable tools to instruct. Furthermore, the students should feel as if the teachers have their best interest in mind when achieving desired outcomes. The second category has to do with assessing which is important because as a teacher you must know about your students what their needs and how you can help them. In reality, assessing students is a useful for teacher to be able to observe their outcome in a specific class. The topic of assessment may be one that some learners, parents, and students think there is only one way of assessment which is testing. In fact, testing is the fundamental form of assessment. However, it is not limited to this choice. Assessment is important in order to exhibit the student’s ability as well as diverse weaknesses for the student to improve. Contents and assessment have impact on each other in the classroom which is also what makes them significant. Content
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