Why I Choose Sarah She Wanders Around The Classroom

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A. Describe one student’s behavior from either scenario, including relevant examples of how this behavior affects the learning environment.

1) I choose Sarah, she wanders around the classroom. This affects the other students because it is a distraction to them. They want to know why Sarah is walking around, which then causes them to lose focus on the lesson. This type of behavior is very disruptive to the class as a whole. The teacher then has to stop class and address Sarah and the other student’s who are wandering. It is difficult to keep the student’s engaged in a lesson as it is and then when you have an added distraction it makes it more difficult. This behavior also gives other student’s a sense of entitlement they think if Sarah can
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A clicker is a set of software and/or hardware that can be used in many ways in the classroom. I feel Wilson would especially benefit from this, as he doesn’t like to participate in class because of his shyness. Many teachers use clickers to assess students’ higher order thinking skills and also to recall facts from the lesson. A clicker can help maintain students’ attention when used alongside a lecture. It encourages participation because it is used randomly. Creates a safe space for the students who are to shy to raise their hand and answer a question verbally. This technology could help Wilson participate better in class because he wouldn’t be singled out if he answered incorrectly. The whole class would then be able to see how many students choose the correct answer on average without knowing who answered what. This could also bring about discussions on a topic that might be of interest to Wilson.

G. Describe a way to incorporate a different type of technology to enhance motivation, referencing a different student from either scenario as a target for the technology.

I would use Technology as a reward for the students. After having one good week of classes I would allow Nancy, George, Sarah, and whoever else is interested in photography and movie-making work on the laptops and create a project for fun. As far as Walden, Joey, Bridgett, and the other classmates who attend a science camp. I would allow them to work on the laptop and play science games. This would motivate the students to do what is required so they can receive a
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