Why I Chose A Recent Problem Solving And Resolution

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As leaders, we find ourselves in everyday situations where we need to make decisions to solve problems. These problems might be larger or small in size. Some can take months or years to implement while some problems need to be solved immediately. In all the examples I’ve examined and read, not many of them deal with issues needing immediate resolution. That is why I chose a recent problem that needed immediate problem solving and resolution. The Problem On June 3rd, 2016, Cricket Wireless had a nationwide network outage the took down the cellular service for 90% of their wireless customers. It was one of the largest cellular outages in United States history. Most customers experienced over twelve hours of service. After a while, connectivity was established for 80% of the customers, which mean only handfuls still experienced the issue (Miller, 2016). The major interruption of customer service wasn’t the problem most people were upset about. The customers went hours without any type of communication from Cricket. There was no acknowledgement of issue, no communication on possible resolution, and no information about potential estimate time till the fix is implemented (Miller, 2016). As an insider to Cricket, I also know that our internal communications about the issue was horrible as many of the leaders were in the dark as to the issue. To break it down into simple terms, the problem is that Cricket is failing to effectively communicate to their customers and
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