Why I Chose Athletic Training

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I have always been stuck on the same major since I was a freshmen in high school, and nothing has yet changed my mind. Through athletic experiences, and playing three sports throughout high school career, injuries from that sport, shadowing opportunities, and classes that have impacted my choice of my major. I have chose the major of Athletic Training, and I have many reasons behind why I chose it. From all of my experiences, I have felt and have been supported and that is a big part of athletic training and reason I have chosen the major as well, so I am able to show support to others the way I have felt it. Throughout picking my major, I also have a big support system of people who have supported my decision including my family, friends,…show more content…
There was no specific answer from her what I should take, because there really is not much at a high school level that can prepare me for my major. At that point, I was more questioning the high school, and why I needed certain classes that I did not need for this type of field. I began to find some things that may be close to helping me in college with my major such as Project Lead the way classes, they had a kinesiology class my junior year, and medical terminology. I began to be in Project Lead the Way classes, because those were the classes that were not in the medical charter school that I was able to learn about different medical professions, learn basic anatomy, some diseases, and some basic information about other health professions that I ended up finding helpful in my profession that I wanted to pursue. Kinesiology was a good class in the fact the Kinesiology is the study of the bodies movement, so I thought that would be beneficial. At my hometown state college, athletic trainer is a pre- with a major in Kinesiology, so I figured it was a good base class to start with. Throughout high school I also did not take the full class of medical terminology for college credit, but I took intro to medical terminology. Which was prefixes and suffixes of medical terminology, and I found out this year that I do need to take it for my Athletic Training major, so I am glad that I ended up taking the pre medical terminology, so when I take it, it should be a little bit easier since I already have a background on it already. Thinking back about extra classes that do not obtain to major specifics, not only broadens our minds, but gives us more connections to people and other experiences that can make us even show, support, and care more than what we thought we would have ever cared about towards
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