Why I Chose Boston Job

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People would ask me, “Why do you work so far away?”, “Why did you chose Boston?”, “How do you take the train everyday?”. I’d always tell them it was because I like the city; I never really explained why. I could say that I needed the money or i could say that it was the first job that had called me back but neither of those answers would be completely true. My favorite part about life is meeting new people. Ive grow up with the same people and in the same town for years. Don't get me wrong, Braintree is where I met my closest friends and is where I've had some of the best experiences, but sometimes I need to have a broader spectrum. I knew deciding to work in Boston would be a big change for me. I had to work nine hour shifts from after school…show more content…
However, all of it was worth it. Meeting new people is most definitely the most amazing experience someone could have. As I started working in Boston, I became closer with coworkers. I slowly began to get to know them as time went on. I met a thirty-four year old man named Corey. He is a barista at the coffee shop i work at. Someone would probably be thinking something stereotypical like ‘he's not smart because he's thirty-four and still works at a coffee shop’. That’s where they're wrong. Corey actually ended up with almost a perfect score on SATs and straight A’s throughout high school. He’s one of the reasons I think twice before judging someone. I also met a young woman named Claudia. She was originally from Romania and can speak fluent romanian. Everyday she would teach me more and more words in romanian. Everytime she spoke to me she would hold my hands with happiness. There was never a day where she wasn't smiling. I later found out she left Romania because her boyfriend had cancer and she needed to get away for a bit. She is the reason that even when I feel like my world is crashing i still look at the positive in…show more content…
Ever since, he has not once walked in without a story to tell or a conversation to have. I started to look forward to talking to him about our daily lives, it always put a smile on my face. I later found out he owns seven businesses, is incredibly smart, and very wealthy. He never once mentioned that to me. He’s the reason why i believe there are genuinely nice people in this world. Hes also one of the reasons why I give a smile to random people because I know it might just make their day. I then met a young woman named Rakia. She's been the manager for years and she grew up in Germany. She now moving back in a few months for her own happiness. She's one of those people where when she's happy everyone else is too. She's leaving her boyfriend who she’s been with for five years because they don't want the same things. She’s the reason why I will never make decisions based off someone else and to realize your happiness is based off yourself, no one else. I've met so many different people, cultures, ethnicities while working outside of my own town and these people are the reason why I am who I am
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